Apply Now.

To enroll at SAFATA is very easy. You can follow the steps below, or contact our administration department to setup an appointment to visit our campus and enroll in person. 

Enroll Online:

1. Kindly complete an application form and submit to  

2. Once your application form is received, pay the necessary registration costs.

3. After payment was received, an interview will be scheduled to complete your application process. During the interview we would require your other documentation such as a copy of your ID, latest school results and parent's ID if younger than 18. 

Alternatively, you can setup an appointment with our academic department below to visit our campus and to do the enrollment in person. 


Registration Number 2018/426844/07. SAFATA is a registered member with the Associations of Private Providers in Education & Development (APPETD) Membership Number MEM2020/050

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